Two Italian Pieces

In brief: Here are a couple Renaissance Italian pieces that I’ve translated as part of my ongoing efforts to write singable translations for all the songs at St. Cecilia Press.

Chi passa per sta strada

Key Facts

  • Date: 1564
  • Composer: Filippo Azzaiolo (fl. 1557-1569)
  • Manuscript: Il Primo Libro de Villotte alla Padoana con alcune Napolitane a quatro voci intitolate Villotte del fiore
  • Original Language: Italian
  • Genre: madrigal
  • Musical Form: strophic


Io soffriro cor mio

Key Facts

  • Date: 1601
  • Composer: Giovanni Croce (b. c. 1557 – d. 1609)
  • Manuscript: Canzonette a Tre Voce
  • Original Language: Italian
  • Genre: aria
  • Poetic Form: aabb
  • Musical Form: strophic

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